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"I bought my first home last year and had the displeasure of uncovering many undisclosed foundation issues. Chris and his team came to the rescue and were extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt. It’s been about a year since my living nightmare, discovering I bought a broken house. Because of Anderson Brothers that broken house became a comfortable, safe and dry home. Thank you!"

- Kate W.

While preparing for some roof repairs, I was informed that the chimney was in an awful state. I hadn't noticed before, but it was visible even from the ground. I contacted AB because they had done some excellent work previously. I also asked them to look at some cracked bricks and mortar on our little adjacent cottage. We think AB did the original brick work on the cottage a few generations ago. I asked a lot of questions, got good advice, and the work was wonderful. Thanks!

Susan B.

Repaired concrete front steps that were damaged, very happy with work, they are extremely busy due to the quality of work they do as all of Oshkosh wants them for concrete, masonry, and stucco work. I will use them again in the spring of 2015 for more work.

Thomas B.

They did a good job. They were fast. They were neat.

Steven Z.

The window sills under several of our large picture windows were falling out. Though the sills themselves were still solid, the mortar holding them in had mostly crumbled out and they were crooked and beginning to slip out. Anderson Bros. came in and reset set all these sills in one morning. I had to leave for my job and didn't hang around the house, but they came early enough for us to talk a bit, and then they went to work. The sills are now even, well-attached and there are no more holes for water to seep into. One window was even behind some large shrubs, but they did not have a problem getting back there and didn't damage my bushes.

Sarah P.

This basement has been flooding for years, ever since we hooked up to the sewer. Anderson Bros. came out, broke up the concrete floor, dug the pit, installed a plastic liner and tied it into the drainage around the foundation. They put in a submersible sump pump, pvc piping through a thick brick wall, and added some discharge hose outside. They neatly repaired the concrete around the pump, removed all debris and suggested I might need a short extension cord for the pump (it reached, but was stressed). They also explained how I might change the discharge hose, if I wanted to move it. They were nice, efficient and accommodating. Best of all, we have had two or three heavy rains since then, and the pump has worked perfectly each time. What a relief!

Susan B.

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